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Frequently Asked Questions

Do BeSymbio products require any special storage conditions?

Absolutely not. We want to make life easier for people who have chosen our products. This is why we have developed formulas that do not to require any particular storage conditions.

BeSymbio products feel best when kept at room temperature. 

However, please remember not to expose them to strong sunlight for a longer time (for example, on a windowsill), because this may cause an ingredient to precipitate. Our products have a shorter shelf life than the regular ones – but that is only natural.

Why are BeSymbio products colourless and odourless?

We want to be as close to nature as possible. Therefore, you will not find synthetic fragrances or colouring agents in our products. Because #WeWashwithPlants, we do not need artificial additives that may allergise or irritate sensitive skin.

What makes BeSymbio different from other natural home cleaning products?

#WeWashwithPlants, so we make sure that our products are almost entirely natural. Thanks to the active plant ingredients and a concentrated form, even a small quantity of agents is enough to effectively remove sediment, dirt or bacteria from the cleaned surface.  No synthetic fragrances or colouring agents are added to BeSymbio products; their fragrance comes from natural oils and extracts.  Glass packaging does not only prevent interaction with active substances but is also suitable for recycling. BeSymbio products do not cause allergies or irritations.

Are Baby-line disinfectants safe for children?

When creating the Baby-line products, we carefully selected their ingredients. You can use them from the very moment your baby appears in your home. All the active and auxiliary substances they contain are safe for babies. Because #WeWashwithPlants and no chemical additives are used, a child can safely touch the object or surface cleaned immediately after using BeSymbio product.

Why is water alone not enough to wash fruits and vegetables?

Water alone does not suffice for the washing process. Natural washing ingredients bind contaminants on the surface of fruit and vegetables as well as residues of plant protection products used by farmers. Such undesirable films are then dissolved so that the dirt can be washed away with clean water. The active substances contained in the BeSymbio fruit and vegetable washing liquid do not allow for the re-adhesion of dirt.

Are products purchased in the online store packaged for shipping in environmentally friendly parcels?

Of course! Our products are packaged in carton boxes that are filled with cardboard cuttings, which were recycled and are no longer usable. We also use environmentally friendly paper glue tape for wrapping.

Are all BeSymbio products packed in glass?

Yes, all our liquid products come in glass packaging. In BeSymbio we believe in living in harmony with nature and in environment protection.