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About Us

Our Mission

We created the BeSymbio brand out of love for nature and the environment and care for other people. Plants and their extraordinary properties, which we often fail to see in our everyday life, came as our inspiration to create natural exclusive cosmetics and cleaning products. 

This is how the motto was born which has accompanied BeSymbio from the very beginning: #WeWashwithPlants.

Our products contain on average 99% natural plant ingredients

You won’t find inside chemical additives, bleaches, colouring agents or artificial fragrances. 
Thanks to this, your home will have the fragrance of natural cleanliness without the addition of chemicals, and you can be sure that it is a safe place for all its inhabitants. 

We wash with the help of nature, and our fully biodegradable formulas are based on active plant ingredients, which will effectively clean the surfaces in your home and eliminate almost all bacteria.

Our mission is a house clean the eco-friendly way!

Our adventages?

#WeWashwithPlants – active plant extracts are effective and safe in keeping homes clean, which is why we are using them in BeSymbio! Our products are made of certified organic ingredients obtained from organic farming.

Unique formulas: our products and their production technologies were developed by an experienced team of scientists from a Polish research centre. The result of this cooperation are plant-based formulas that are not only effective, but above all safe for you and the environment.

Concentrates: We are aware that water is a limited resource, which is why we have reduced its consumption to the minimum necessary by creating mostly concentrates.

Glass: We deeply care about environment protection, and in BeSymbio we prove that we are not doomed to use plastics. All our products are packed in high quality original glass bottles made in the European Union.

Design of packaging and labels: we invited Tymek Jezierski – a cartoonist, illustrator and poster artist to design our labels. We wanted to be sure that the aesthetics and harmony of the space you live in will be preserved!