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Natural Glass & Window Spray
Natural Glass & Window Spray
Natural Glass & Window Spray
Natural Glass & Window Spray
Natural Glass & Window Spray
Natural Glass & Window Spray
Natural Glass & Window Spray
Natural Glass & Window Spray
Natural Glass & Window Spray

Natural Glass & Window Spray

Did you know that out of all chemical cleaning agents, powder and aerosol substances are the most harmful? This is because they most easily find their way into our airways and penetrate the skin surface. Studies show that sprays can be as detrimental to our health as smoking a packet of cigarettes a day.
Being ECO-FRIENDLY is not just a trend or a fad; it is a way of protecting yourself and your family from undesirable effects of chemical agents. Of course, you will not change your habits completely overnight; however, investing in this change means also investing in a healthier future for your family.
BeSymbio glass and mirror spray contains exclusively plant-based surfactants, which are not only skin-friendly but also fully biodegradable. With BeSymbio you can be sure that you keep your home clean without compromising your health and the environment.

👍 90 days satisfaction guarantee
🌱 innovative plant ingredients
🧴 glass bottle
👍 the only dermodetergents on the market
💪 the most effective spray for glass surfaces and mirrors

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Each ingredient has Polish or foreign certifications! BeSymbio are the only dermodetergents on the European market that are safe for your skin!

W trosce o naturę jest to produkt w pełni biodegradowalny.

Contrary to the competition, we do not use artificial fragrances!

We only used plant surfactants .

Safe for the skin! The spray has been dermatologically tested.

We are a local company.
BeSymbio is 100% EUROPEAN!
European production. European knowledge. European technologists.

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We are proud to say that we are creating #DERMODETERGENTS!

Why? Because we are the only brand on the market to use the ingredients present in top-quality skin creams!
However, we use them to make detergents (except for hand soap which is a beauty product😉)

What makes us stand out? Our competitors abuse the “ECO” label, e.g. by selling products consisting of 99% water (hence the ECO label) + 1% powerful chemicals!
BeSymbio products are made entirely from natural ingredients, with no chemical additives
You will not find any warning signs or fine-print on the labels of our dermo-detergents.

What is our secret? We have built on the experience and knowledge of our biotechnologists to create products with the most delicate formulations.. When cleaning with our detergents you do not need to wear gloves, and yet they are incredibly effective!

Do you want to know more? We fully monitor the entire supply chain at every stage of production

In a nutshell: we are ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS from the very outset.

First of all: we do not contribute to animal suffering. None of the ingredients used was tested on animals.
Second of all: we source our plant ingredients only from certified organic farms.
Third of all: we use glass bottles and ship in recycled cardboard packaging sealed with eco-friendly tape. We are making this effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Because of the glass packaging we have to use bubble wrap, but we are looking for solutions to eliminate it!

Full ingredient list: < 5% mixture of mild surface-active compounds, vegetable alcohol*, moisturising additives*, Sodium Benzoate**, water.
* from organic farming and wild plants harvesting ** food preservative approved for use in natural products

What you won't find in our products? SLS, SLES, MEA, DEA, TEA, petrochemicals, colouring agents, caustic substances, sulphates, phosphates, triclosan, parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial fragrances.

Thanks to natural active substances, the BeSymbio liquid works even when a small quantity of the product is used. Spray the surface to be cleaned, wipe it with a paper towel or a clean piece of cloth and leave it to dry. Repeat if necessary.

We ship within one business day.
We use a GLS courier and Amazon Fulfillment Systems

BeSymbio for YOU!

Check out what you will gain with us!

  • You will protect the health of your family and completely eliminate harmful chemicals from your home.
  • We have created BeSymbio on the basis of authentic medicinal formulas, because your health is our priority.
  • You will keep your house clean, and your skin nourished – our products guarantee both hygiene and luxurious skin care.
  • Your skin will be pampered as you stayed in a SPA thanks to precious ingredients used in the best beauty products
  • Your skin will take a breath of relief! We do not use colouring agents, fragrances, SLS, phosphates and carcinogenic preservatives.
  • Rest assured about the quality and safety of our products. We use only certified ingredients supplied by reputable manufacturers.
  • We do not contribute to animal suffering, and we have the Vegan certification. None of the ingredients used was tested on animals.
  • The natural composition of BeSymbio products means that they do not require any special storage conditions
  • Your home will have a fresh scent without artificial fragrances. Unpleasant smells will be removed, not just masked!
  • You will save money. Thanks to their concentrated formulas, our products outclass the competition in performance tests.
  • You will support the European local producers. BeSymbio relies on the European know-how and uses European standards and European technology.
  • You will improve the quality of natural waters by using phosphate-free products. We know how much you care about the state of our planet!
  • BeSymbio will look good in your bathroom. Our labels were designed by Tymek Jezierski, a poster artist.
  • You don't have to take our word for it – read below what our customers think about us!

BeSymbio ingredient certificates

Each raw material contains at least one of the following ECO certificates:

French ECOCERT certificate

European certificate
EU Ecolabel

American USDA certificate

American Natural Products Association certificate

American NSF certificate

French ECOCERT Cosmos Organic certificate

90-day satisfaction guarantee

Beata Sojda - founder of the BeSymbio brand


I was guided by these values at every step when creating the brand and productsBeSymbio.

Thanks to this approach, I can assure you 
100% satisfaction guarantee for every customer!
When you buy BeSymbio products, you have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your money!

Beata Sojda

Reviews from our clients

"By using natural cleaning products, parents can rest assured that toys, dummies and surfaces that their child touches are safe, and so are their accessories and bottles; dirt and bacteria are removed, and there is no chemical residue. Moreover, products come in beautiful glass bottles! We are very pleased with all the cleaners, and they made our allergy sufferer and our septic drain field very happy."

Wiola, source: Instagram

"If I were to choose one favourite, it would be the All-Purpose Cleaner. We use it to wash tabletops in the kitchen and desktops in the children’s room. It is simply brilliant!"

Ania, source: Instagram

"I especially love the glass bottles and special labels – well done, BeSymbio, you have my deep appreciation! And the Hygiene Spray for Toy Washing is a true revelation!"

Paulina, source: Instagram

"Julian is at a stage in which he mouths every toy, in particular playing blocks, so this Hygiene Spray for Toy Washing is perfect for me! What is really important for me is that it is a Polish brand and that 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin. But I must also admit that the glass bottles have won my heart!"

Monika, source: Instagram

"This works, cross my heart! For a year already, I have been washing fruit and vegetables for Sara with the BeSymbio liquid. Another brilliant thing is the Hygiene Spray for Toy Washing; I think that every parent will appreciate it!"

Ania, source: Instagram

"Dear BeSymbio brand, thank you for what you are doing for our planet! All-Purpose Cleaner – cool that it is universal, I like that! And that glass bottle… I recommend these products to all those who care for the Earth, and especially to mothers of young children because they have to make sure that their house is clean and healthy!"

Agnieszka, source: Instagram

"The product that caught my attention is the Fruit and Vegetables Washing Liquid! It is amazing as it washes away all the pesticide residues and wax that is used to shine fruit on the store-shelf!"

Karolina, source: Instagram

"It turns out that fruit, vegetables, plants do have that power! They can handle the dirt and all the yuck. We no longer need chemicals!"

Katarzyna, source: Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. We want to make life easier for people who have chosen our products. This is why we have developed formulas that do not to require any particular storage conditions. BeSymbio products feel best when kept at room temperature. However, please remember not to expose them to strong sunlight for a longer time (for example, on a windowsill), because this may cause an ingredient to precipitate. Our products have a shorter shelf life than the regular ones – but that is only natural.

We want to be as close to nature as possible. Therefore, you will not find synthetic fragrances or colouring agents in our products. Because #WeWashwithPlants, we do not need artificial additives that may allergise or irritate sensitive skin.

#WeWashwithPlants, so we make sure that our products are almost entirely natural. Thanks to the active plant ingredients and a concentrated form, even a small quantity of agents is enough to effectively remove sediment, dirt or bacteria from the cleaned surface. No synthetic fragrances or colouring agents are added to BeSymbio products; their fragrance comes from natural oils and extracts. Glass packaging does not only prevent interaction with active substances but is also suitable for recycling. BeSymbio products do not cause allergies or irritations.

When creating the Baby-line products, we carefully selected their ingredients. You can use them from the very moment your baby appears in your home. All the active and auxiliary substances they contain are safe for babies. Because #WeWashwithPlants and no chemical additives are used, a child can safely touch the object or surface cleaned immediately after using BeSymbio product.

Water alone does not suffice for the washing process. Natural washing ingredients bind contaminants on the surface of fruit and vegetables as well as residues of plant protection products used by farmers. Such undesirable films are then dissolved so that the dirt can be washed away with clean water. The active substances contained in the BeSymbio fruit and vegetable washing liquid do not allow for the re-adhesion of dirt.

Of course! Our products are packaged in carton boxes that are filled with cardboard cuttings, which were recycled and are no longer usable. We also use environmentally friendly paper glue tape for wrapping.

Yes, all our liquid products come in glass packaging. In BeSymbio we believe in living in harmony with nature and in environment protection.