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Do you read laundry detergent label, when buying it?

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The conversations during our LIVE shows that most people do not check the compositions of the washing powders they buy. If you check your washing powder right now, you will notice that the ingredients list is very long. What they mean and how they influence our health was told in our last LIVE by Dr. Eng. Jolanta Janiszewska - head of the Department of Pharmacy, Cosmetic Chemistry and Biotechnology at the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet us online, be sure to read the article we have prepared for you. In simple language, we will explain to you everything that these labels are about :)

1. Let's start with a few important substantive things.

The basis of washing liquids are anionic and non-ionic surfactants and fillers. These are substances that are responsible for the washing process. Without them, washing is ineffective. Surely you have heard more than once that the most irritating compounds are SLS and SLES. They are responsible for the foaming process, and we usually think that washing depends on the foam. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Since the presence of surfactants in the composition of powders is responsible for the washing process, what surfactants should be in our powder? First of all, those that are safe for us, for the baby and for the skin.

2. The washing process consists of several stages.

Generally speaking, the idea is for the surfactant molecule to surround the dirt and tear it off the surface being washed. We have various surfactants. It is good if the washing liquid contains compositions of various such agents - both anionic and non-ionic, amphoteric, cationic. They are also responsible for softening, have antimicrobial properties, are responsible for microbiological purity and, most importantly, do not irritate the skin. It is important that this composition is properly selected, as in the BeSymbio lotions - on the one hand, it protects the most delicate baby skin, and on the other hand, it washes effectively.

3. How to correctly read labels?

Remember that the sign that should discourage us from buying washing liquid is the red diamond with an exclamation mark. Unfortunately, this marking appears even on products dedicated to children. Unfortunately, this means that these fluids can irritate the skin. So they are not quite safe and we should avoid products with such markings. In practice, this means that the selection of the surfactant concentration was not correct and exceeded the standards that specialists consider non-irritating. In this case, skin irritation may occur, and the long-term use of such fluids may lead to atopic dermatitis and allergies. That is why it is worth checking the compositions.

4. Pay attention to smells!

Unfortunately, consumers love products that smell. The vast majority of fragrances used in washing liquids are synthetic. A potential 26 fragrance allergens have been recognized under the EU-wide Cosmetic Regulation. It is recognized that 80 percent of allergies are caused by the use of fragrances. Therefore, the less something smells, the better for our health. So it's worth reaching for unscented products. The BeSymbio brand has set the bar really high. The idea of ​​the brand owners was that their products should be free of allergenic substances. And in this case it is very unique. We have managed to combine various compounds to achieve unique formulations that are safe and effective. Interestingly, the washing liquid does not contain water, so it does not require the addition of preservatives.

5. What softens the water?

Polycarboxylates, phosphates, zeolites are often added to washing liquids - substances that are responsible for softening water. In fact, they are not essential, and according to the Health Organization's recommendation, we should avoid them altogether in detergents. These substances accumulate in the aquatic environment and are responsible for the formation of algae and cyanobacteria in the water. By avoiding these substances, we also take care of our planet. 

6. What removes dirt?

The composition of washing liquids also includes information about enzymes. In washing liquids, they should be used in an appropriate composition and concentration. They are responsible for the distribution of dirt on fabrics. The enzyme content causes the fluid to function at low temperatures, which is also important. Enzymes help protect cotton fabrics from the so-called knotting.

7. Is the leaching of fluids important?

This is very important, especially with a child. When a child wears poorly rinsed clothes all day, the substances that remain in the fibers can irritate their skin. It seems to us that when we set a long washing program in the washing machine, the liquid will rinse out. But this is not the case, unfortunately.

Some surfactants are difficult to rinse off. Therefore, the composition must be selected so as to achieve the perfect effect. 

8. Do you know what can happen to your skin if you use irritating detergents for years?

Damage to the protein structure of the skin is a very dangerous situation, because this damage is irreversible. If you use traditional washing or washing agents all your life and you add more and more chemicals to your skin, you are damaging your skin. The skin is then more permeable to substances that should not get into the deeper layers of the epidermis, especially the living layer. Then they can cause allergies and irritation. You've often heard that people have never had allergies all their lives, and they got allergies when they were 40. This is the situation in which we use detergents that damage our epidermis structure all the time. We lose our protective barrier and this causes allergies. Therefore, the protein structure should be especially taken care of from a child, because this part manifested by drying can be easily eliminated by applying a good cream and the skin is able to regenerate. However, we will not rebuild the protein structure!


A company that is honest and has nothing to hide should be transparent. Product ingredients should be available to consumers. As well as research that confirms not only the effectiveness of the products, but also the safety of their use.


Therefore, let's read the labels, but also don't be afraid to reach for appropriate research and ask about it.


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